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Neail Holland has been scuba diving since 1989. It wasn't until he came to California in 1991, that he became passionate about scuba diving. Over the years, he sought additional training while diving the California Channel Islands regularly. In 2005, he became a Divemaster and following became a Technical diver, diving a closed circuit rebreather and cave diving, which increased his knowledge and safety awareness. In 2007, Neail became a NAUI Instructor and started Rec2Tec Scuba Instruction. Within the next few years, he became an Instructor Trainer and then a Course Director.

Neail is a retired Police Sergeant from the Oxnard Police Department in California and was a member of the Oxnard Police and Fire Public Safety Dive Team since 2002. He started as a police diver and tender and eventually supervised the unit's operations, personnel, training, and equipment.

Along with scuba diving, Neail enjoy's travelling. His travels with fellow scuba divers has taken him through the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Neail has certifications in PADI, NAUI, DAN, SDI/TDI/ERDI, NACD, LGS, and NSS-CDS. He teaches recreational, technical, and public safety diving from entry level to instructor. He is a Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts of America and also a contract instructor for the US Navy.

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  • Great content & delivery. Instructors are professional, curious & well versed in delivery. Safety was paramount and scouts were presented with a lifetime opportunity. Thank you!

    Dave VadBunkerIntro to Scuba
  • Really enjoyed it! The structure and material were delivered perfectly. It was challenging at times but super worth it and rewarding. I felt like I actually learned and retained the information. The course also gave me the confidence in myself and the equipment, can’t wait to dive more!!

    Jackson FellerOpen Water Scuba Diver
  • male scuba diver Neail Holland is a very knowledgeable and professional scuba instructor. His 25+ years of professional scuba experience was obvious in how he conducted his class. After completing his class I feel confident in planning my first scuba outing

    CliffordOpen Water Scuba Diver
  • Juan LondonMy wife and I had a great experience with Neail. He is very knowledgeable, professional and passionate about everything Scuba. We got certified late March just in time for our trip overseas to Scuba in Thailand! I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in marine life and snorkeling/diving, etc. The training prepared us for various scenarios that could arise and we feel very comfortable diving anywhere now thanks to Rec2Tec!

    Juan LondonoOpen Water Scuba Diver
  • The course was great and appropriately challenging. The instructor had a great balance between fun and enjoyment along with seriousness and making sure we completely the necessary skills independently. He was also a super fun and caring guy, so I really enjoyed learning with him!

    KRRescue Diver
  • Great class. Neail made me feel really comfortable and confident going into the ocean.

    DanielleOpen Water Scuba Diver
  • Neail is a very patient, knowledgeable and friendly instructor. I couldn’t recommend him more!! An amazing experience every time I’m with him!

    TobiasRescue Diver
  • Hunter Uland Highly recommended particularly towards the serious diver and exceptional for the recreational/casual diver. Solid fundamentals. Gained a well-versed skill set of diving knowledge that quickly becomes noticeable as superior and highly apparent among outside peers being outstanding coursework put to practice when compared upon diving with other divers on charters/dive boats with those from various instructors and other course line brands.

    Hunter UlandMaster Scuba Diver
  • Great class! Neail is very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. His class is very fun and he will help you with anything you need.

    AnonymousOpen Water Scuba Diver
  • Neail was a great instructor and came prepared with all the gear one could need. His trailer was super organized and fitted out. When it came time to get in the water, he was helpful and made sure that we knew what we were doing. Thank you Neail!

    AnonymousRescue Diver
  • Pat Dolan Thank you Neail for the excellent class.

    Patrick DolanVisual Inspection Procedures
  • Neail is hands down one of the most professional scuba instructor, that contains a vast amount of knowledge. He has a unique ability of teaching students of all levels of experience, where the information can be retained. Recommend for military and others as he is very good working with busy schedules.

    Bill HulseOpen Water Scuba Diver
  • Sergio PerezDefinitely recommend Rec2Tec for anyone who is curious on trying scuba diving! Neail is an amazing instructor who is clear and straightforward with his Open Water scuba class. He was very patient with me even when I had issues with some of the exercises yet with enough practice I was able to get more comfortable! There were no surprises when we did the open water dives and we reiterated the skills we learned in class out in the ocean.

    Sergio PerezOpen Water Scuba Diver
  • Neail is a very patient, safe and knowledgeable instructor. I highly recommend him for all your diving instructor needs.

    Ron WhitneyWreck Diver
  • Neail’s patience and professionalism is above reproach. I’m grateful to be learning SCUBA diving with him and plan to take more of the courses he offers.

    JonathanNitrox Diver
  • Instructor was very knowledgeable and explained the material/instructions at a level beginners can pick up. With a class of 3 to 1 instructor showed attention and kept safety as number one when in the pool and open water portion of the course. Had a great time learning in the class and would recommend to anyone wanting to step into the scuba diving world.

    Caitlin HeadleyOpen Water Scuba Diver
  • Sergio PerezI want to say thank you to Neail Holland, Instructor of Record, for his professionalism and dedication, along with his unsurpassed knowledge for this course.

    Nico SantucciFull Face Mask Course